gerardo montes de oca

Mx, 1978. Based in Vienna.

Social and clinical psychologist, activist, artist and curator.

Gives psychotherapy on-line and in-office from a socio-historical and decolonial stand, integrating systemic and psychoanalytical elements. 

In the field of arts, his practice is theoretically and politically driven, using a variety of mediums and strategies as they best respond to each project, like photography, video, sound, text and performative actions. He integrates his training and practice as a psychotherapist, social psychologist, activist, curator and artist. His interests are in the relations between aesthetics, politics and collective affectivity with a decolonial and emancipatory stand.

Studied Psychology at the University of Guadalajara, a Master in Fine Arts degree in Visual Culture at the Aalto University in Finland, and one year exchange in the MA in Art & Science, University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.  His research project deals with the relations of collective affectivity, aesthetics and politics in social movements and artistic practices in Mexico. 

He has participated in different artistic projects (exhibited, published, talked and or performed) in Mexico, Hong-Kong, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Austria, Romania and Czech Republic. He curated the transdisciplinary Laboratory “Crime Scene” of Rauma Biennale Balticum 2014 in Finland, produced in collaboration with Migrating Art Academies. In 2016 he co-curated Rauma Biennale Balticum 2016 “Vulnerability” and its Laboratory.

Recently, he created, curated and performed the collective and participatory project “Cantina Corazón” for WienWoche Festival 2016 in Vienna.ón_

contact: gera . mov (at) gmail . com